Czech German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

If you are looking for Czech German Shepherd puppies for sale, you may want to do your research first. Firstly Czech germ shepherd puppies can start at anything from £500 up to £1500, maybe even more expensive depending on where you get them from and what stock they have come from.

Czech German Shepherd Puppies for Sale should come from top quality working line parents if you want the best of that breed, you may have to pay slightly more but the quality of dog that you get for that will be worth every penny.

German Shepherd Puppy

Czech German shepherd puppies for sale should have had their health evaluated and tested before they are sold onto prospective buyers. Especially if they are to be personal protection dogs or working dogs and not just a family pet, although even then their health would be a very important consideration.

Look for a breeder with experience, you want someone who knows a thing or two about dogs and breeding puppies. A good breeder won’t mind spending time chatting to you in the first instance and will offer you a time for you to come and meet the puppies and their parents in the place where they were born.

When putting Czech German shepherd puppies for sale, a decent breeder will be able to produce genuine paperwork and certificates of the puppies vaccinations that they have had. They will not mind if you want to make more than one visit to see the puppies and choose which one you want.

The German shepherd dog is one of the most popular breeds from around the world, they are known to be intelligent and energetic animals, who have a lot of love to give the family that adopts them. They have a gentle temperament and are naturally protective of their families and owners so make ideal family protection dogs.

Czech German shepherd puppies can have health care issues such as eye infections and vision problems but the main thing to watch out for is hip dysplasia, this is a condition where the hip socket doesn’t cover the ball of the thighbone, it can be painful for dogs if not treated. A total hip replacement in a dog can start at £3500 and can go up to £7000 each hip!

So, when searching Czech German shepherd puppies for sale, make sure you buy from a reputable breeder who will have checked the puppy over for any signs of these ailments before selling.