Early pregnancy scan London

Early Pregnancy Scans

As a rule, early pregnancy scans are not usually offered as routine by the NHS, so some people decide to go private for their early pregnancy scans.

Are you spoilt for choice when searching for an early pregnancy scan London? There are a few things to consider before making your choice as to what London ultrasound clinic you decide to go to.

Ultrasound Clinic London

Location, you want an ultrasound clinic London that is nearby, the last thing you would want is to be caught in traffic and late for your appointment so we suggest trying to find somewhere local to where you live. Is the London ultrasound clinic easy to access, by rail or road, does it have adequate parking so that you can get to your appointment easily?

Cleanliness, especially at the moment with Covid-19 prevalent, cleanliness is a must for you and your precious baby bump. Makes sure that you choose a safe, clean and hygienic clinic.

Technology, does the early pregnancy scan London clinic have all the latest technology in scanning machines, do they do the latest 4d ultrasound scans.

Trust, do some research when trying to find an early pregnancy scan London, ask friends and family if they have used anyone that they would recommend to you, and read online reviews, majority of people will leave a review if they are really pleased with the service or if they are really disappointed, so have a read of those and see what the people that have actually used the clinic are saying.

Price, although the price isn’t the main factor, it is normally a factor to be considered, we are not suggesting simply choose a London clinic because it is the cheapest but also you do not want to pay the most expensive and get ripped off.

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